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Spray Foam

GacoProFill FR6500R is a two-component polyurethane foam that cures to a low-density cellular insulation material. It is recommended for use in a variety of empty cavities in both residential and commercial applications and as part of the GacoProFill SYSTEM for use in new construction.

Contractors and Builders will appreciate everything GacoProFill SYSTEM offers.


  • NO TRIMMING NEEDED. First complete spray foam system to offer a consistent cavity fill and a smooth surface without trimming, resulting in virtually no waste.
  • QUICK AND EASY TO INSTALL. Be on and off the job in a fraction of the time needed for other spray foam products and reduce your labor costs.
  • LOWER COSTS. Because there is virtually no waste, the GacoProFill SYSTEM provides higher yields than most open cell foams and scrap disposal expenses are greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • NO SPECIAL SPRAY FOAM EQUIPMENT. Install using the same equipment you use for Gaco’s other spray foam insulation products.

  • SAVES TIME. Quickly and easily installed in a fraction of the time needed for other spray foam products; speeds up construction cycle by allowing other trades to be on the job sooner.
  • CONSISTENT QUALITY. First complete spray foam system to offer a consistent cavity fill to help ensure quality installation on every project.
  • SEAMLESS AIR BARRIER. Comprised of a tough, true polyurethane based spray foam installed behind a membrane to provide both high R-value insulation and seamless air barrier.
  • SUSTAINABLE. Contains high bio-renewable content.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT. High R-value and a seamless air barrier reduce air leakage and lower energy costs.
  • LONG TERM VALUE. Will not shrink, settle or sag; provides a seamless insulation barrier year after year.
  • Healthy. Reduces condensation, moisture and mold, improving occupant comfort, health and safety.
  • QUIET. Acts as a sound barrier to help block airborne noise and absorb sound.

Fiberglass / Cellulose

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